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I'm making this as kind of a personal database of Egyptological tidbits that I find interesting in my independent research. It's mainly a reference wiki for myself and for you if you are looking citations for esoteric things.
If you are doing your own research, I highly suggest that you check out any citations on an article as my summaries are not intended to be scholarly work, and I'm not a real Egyptologist, Just a geek.
I'll try to keep most entries as opinion free as possible, as it really irritates me when Egyptologists, "real" or not inject unsupported ideas and opinions in their work.
The reason for this is that I firmly beleive that our attempts to give the people of the past personality from our own imaginations ends up being more of a reflection of us and the times in which we live than the ancients themselves.
In case you're curious, though, I think Akhenaten was a revolutionary and a freethinker who probably shouldn't have been king. And also, Rameses III was a bit of a womanizer.  Don't have much to support either of those assertions.
Speaking of which, I'm also not going to cover much of the famous stuff. There are a million other places to learn about Nefertiti and her lovely bust. Also, I probably won't cover much breaking news. I'm just not good at staying on top of the latest discoveries.
For that I refer you to:
Egyptology News
Jane Ashkar's Luxor News
News from the Valley of the Kings
Zahi Hawass

The contents of these pages are written by K M Johnston, and I accept responsibility for their content. If you have any concerns, please email me.

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