Evil Greg vs. Eight Year Olds


If you've got some feedback and feel like sharing, feel free to contact us by email. We want to hear what you have to say. You can also post comments on our News/Blog site. If you're really nice, we might even chat with you on gtalk.


E-mail: EGv8.Game@gmail.com

New Idea: Mailing list

If you're interested in hearing about new releases via email, you can subscribe to the mailing list.  Assuming we get enough responses to warrant having one, here's what will happen. We'll send you one e-mail whenever there is a minor version release (i.e. v0.4, v0.5, v0.6) and perhaps for critical updates (fixing major bugs) that might happen in between. The email will contain a brief description of the new features, a link to the downloads webpage, and an unsubscribe link.


If you're interested, click the link below or compose an email to the address listed with the word "Subscribe" in the subject.  If you want to include your name, how you found about EGv8, or comments about the game too, thats great, but not necessary.


Subscribe: EGv8.Game@gmail.com 

Unsubscribe:  EGv8.Game@gmail.com