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waterproofing, plumbing, heating - Certified Rehau

The best business balance between price and quality

Your new house will be built the way you need

 If you want to build, expand or rearrange your house, company E & G Point Construct offers comprehensive services for choosing the optimal solution.

A house is a long term investment. We understand this and we'll offer the best solutions for your project.

Construction of  houses, industrial and civil construction, flats

We are the perfect choice for your desieres.

There are different types of working buildings:

Red House - it is a possible choice in Romania
- From exterior color to the house floor in the rooms only choice is yours! Houses in red do not include electrical, utilities (water, gas) interior and exterior finishes.

Houses for sale
- You just need to pack your  bags and move to the house!


 Houses for sale are buildings completely finished, inside and outside:  all electrical installations and utilities, flooring, tile and paint are included in construction.

E & G Construct Point provides you services of interior and exterior repairing.

For more information, please visit our services pages (interior and exterior) and portfolio (work performed by our company).


Company Profile

Civil and industrial, municipal buildings, roads, bridges, demolition, waterproofing, heat insulation, interior / exterior facades: plating, painting, carpentry, joinery
Technique  consultant
Equipment:  sanitary, electrical, heating, ventilation, natural gas, conditioning and micro-climate - Certificate Rehau

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