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Música para volar Op. 38 (2011) Music for Flying, a fantasy for viola and piano.

Del amor y la añoranza por España Op. 35 (2010) From the Love and Longing for Spain, a fantasy for viola and guitar.  There is also a second version of this same work, Op. 35a (2009) for clarinet and piano.

Pequeña suite latina Op. 33 (2006) A Little Latin Suite for oboe, bassoon and piano. Instrumental trio arrangements of five songs from the Siete canciones tijuanenses song cycle.

mp3 files (40 kbps) from a studio recording at Jack's Place, in Sierra Madre, California. Performed by oboist Keve Wilson, bassoonist Sarah Schoenbeck, and pianist Bobbie Meech.

  • 1. Rumba  mp3
  • 2. Habanera  mp3
  • 3. Tango  mp3
  • 4. Meditación  Meditation  mp3
  • 5. Cumbia  mp3

Música para cocinar Op. 24 (2004) Music for Cooking. A 10-minute suite of three pieces for string double bass and piano. There are also three other versions of this same work for different instruments: Op. 24a (2004) for violin and piano, Op. 24b (2005) for violoncello and piano, Op. 24c (2008) for clarinet and piano and the newest one, Op. 24d (2010) for viola and piano.

Op. 24a mp3 files (40 kbps) from a live recording of the July 2005 El cancionero bajacaliforniano, a recital at the CENART, the National Center for the Arts, in Mexico City.  Performed by violinist Cuauhtemoc Rivera and pianist Yolanda Martinez.

  • 1. El desayuno  Breakfast  mp3
  • 2. La comida  Lunch  mp3
  • 3. La cena  Dinner  mp3

Op. 24b mp3 file (40 kbps) from a live recording of El desayuno, the opening piece, from the cello and piano version Recorded in Altadena, California. Performed by cellist Robert Vos, and pianist Polli Chambers-Salazar.

  • 1. El desayuno  Breakfast  mp3

Concierto barroco Op. 18 (2002) Baroque Concerto. Quartet in three movements for flute/claves, violin/maracas, violoncello and harpsichord.

mp3 files (40 kbps) from a live recording of the 2002 A Quilt of Many Lands baroque chamber music program of Pacific Serenades 16th season, in Pasadena, California. Performed by flutist Mark Carlson, violinist Clayton Haslop, cellist David Speltz, and harpsichordist Patricia Mabee.

  • 1. Tocata  mp3 
  • 2. Tango - Gigue  mp3 
  • 3. Fandango  mp3

Las cuatro estaciones imaginarias Op. 15 (1998) The Four Imaginary Seasons. A duo in four movements for guitar and violoncello.

mp3 files (40 kbps) from a live recording of three of the suite's four movements. Performed by guitarist Felix Bullock and cellist Daniel Pereira.

  • 2. El verano  Summer  mp3 
  • 3. El otoño  Autumn  mp3 
  • 4. El invierno  Winter  mp3

Homenaje a Ruben Salazar Op. 10 (1996) Tribute for Ruben Salazar. An Octet in three movements for two violins, cello, clarinet, alto saxophone, french horn, bassoon and percussion.

Tres indiscreciones Op. 6 (1993) Three Indiscretions. Three minatures for violin and piano.

mp3 files (40 kbps) from a live recording at USC's Newman Hall in Los Angeles, California.  Performed by violinist Maria Newman and pianist Wendy Prober.

  • 1. Primera indiscreción  First Indiscretion  mp3
  • 2. Segunda indiscreción  Second Indiscrection  mp3
  • 3. Tercera indiscreción  Third Indiscrection  mp3