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  1. No-Wook Park* and Dong-Ho Jang, 2021. Geostatistical classification of intertidal surface sediments using log-ratio transformation and high-resolution remote sensing imagery, Journal of Coastal ResearchSpecial Issue No. 102, pp.157-165. (2020.12)
  2. 박소연, 김예슬, 나상일, 박노욱*, 2020. 작물 모니터링을 위한 다중 센서 고해상도 위성영상의 시공간 융합 모델의 평가: Sentinel-2 및 RapidEye 영상 융합 실험, 대한원격탐사학회지, 36(5-1), pp.807-821. (2020.10)
  3. Youjeong Youn, Kwangjin Kim, Chu-Yong Chung, No-Wook Park, and Yangwon Lee*, 2020. Ensemble downscaling of soil moisture data using BMA and ATPRKKorean Journal of Remote Sensing, 36(4), pp.587-607. (2020.08)
  4. Geun-Ho Kwak, Chan-Won Park, Ho-Yong Ahn, Sang-Il Na, Kyung-Do Lee, and No-Wook Park*, 2020. Potential of bidirectional long short-term memory networks for crop classification with multitemporal remote sensing images, Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 36(4), pp.515-525. (2020.08)
  5. Stylianos Hadjipetrou*, Stelios Liodakis, Anastasia Sykioti, Philip Fayad, Evangelos Akylas, No-Wook Park, and Phaedon Kyriakidis, 2020. Preliminary assessment of offshore wind speed around Cyprus based on Sentinel-1 Level 2 OCN dataProceedings of SPIE 11524, Eighth International Conference on Remote Sensing and Geoinformation of the Environment (RSCy 2020). (2020.08) 
  6. Soyeon Park and No-Wook Park*, 2020. Effects of class purity of training patch on classification performance of crop classification with convolutional neural networkApplied Sciences, 10(11), 3773. (2020.05)
  7. Yeseul Kim, Phaedon C. Kyriakidis, and No-Wook Park*, 2020. A cross-resolution, spatiotemporal geostatistical fusion model for combining satellite image time-series of different spatial and temporal resolutionsRemote Sensing, 12(10), 1553. (2020.05)
  8. Young-Joo Kwon, Sumin Ryu, Jaeil Cho, Yang-Won Lee, No-Wook Park, Chu-Yong Chung, and Sungwook Hong*, 2020. Infrared soil moisture retrieval algorithm using temperature-vegetation dryness index and moderate resolution imaging spectroradiometer data, Asia-Pacific Journal of Atmospheric Sciences, 56(2), pp.275-289. (2020.05)
  1. 박민규, 곽근호, 박노욱*, 2019. 작물 분류를 위한 다중 규모 공간특징의 가중 결합 기반 합성곱 신경망 모델, 대한원격탐사학회지, 35(6-3), pp.1273-1283. (2019.12)
  2. 김예슬, 박노욱*, 2019. 식생 모니터링을 위한 다중 위성영상의 시공간 융합 모델 비교, 대한원격탐사학회지, 35(6-3), pp.1209-1219. (2019.12)
  3. 정형섭, 박상은, 김진수*, 박노욱*, 홍상훈*, 2019. 한국의 원격탐사 활용, 대한원격탐사학회지, 35(6-3), pp.1161-1171. (2019.12)
  4. No-Wook Park*, Yongjae Kim, Byung-Uck Chang, and Geun-Ho Kwak, 2019. County-level indoor radon concentration mapping and uncertainty assessment in South Korea using geostatistical simulation and environmental factors, Journal of Environmental Radioactivity, 208-209, 106044. (2019.11)
  5. 곽근호, 박민규, 박찬원, 이경도, 나상일, 안호용, 박노욱*, 2019. 작물 분류에서 시공간 특징을 고려하기 위한 2D CNN과 양방향 LSTM의 결합, 대한원격탐사학회지, 35(5-1), pp.681-692. (2019.10)
  6. No-Wook Park*, 2019. Geostatistical integration of field measurements and multi-sensor remote sensing images for spatial prediction of grain size of intertidal surface sedimentsJournal of Coastal Research, Special Issue No. 90, pp.193-199. (2019.09)
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  11. Nari Kim, Kyung-Ja Ha, No-Wook Park, Jaeil Cho, Sungwook Hong, and Yang-Won Lee*, 2019. A comparison between major artificial intelligence models for crop yield prediction: Case study of the Midwestern United States, 2006-2015, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, 8(5), 240. (2019.05)
  12. Geun-Ho Kwak and No-Wook Park*, 2019. Impact of texture information on crop classification with machine learning and UAV imagesApplied Sciences, 9(4), 643. (2019.02)
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  2. Jae-Hyun Ryu, Kyung-Soo Han, Sungwook Hong, No-Wook Park, Yang-Won Lee, and Jaeil Cho*, 2018. Satellite-based evaluation of post-fire forest recovery processes for the worst case of forest fire in South Korea, Remote Sensing, 10(6), 918. (2018.06)
  3. Geun-Ho KwakNo-Wook Park*, and Phaedon C. Kyriakidis, 2018. Development of an R-based spatial downscaling tool to predict fine scale information from coarse scale satellite products, Korean Journal of Remote Sensing, 34(1), pp.88-98. (2018.02)
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