Graduate study opportunities
  • We seek prospective graduate students who will actively conduct interdisciplinary research in our lab.  
  • Applicants, who should be Bachelor's or Master's degree holders in Geoinformatic Engineering, Earth Science, Geography, Statistics, Computer Science/Engineering, or related fields, are expected to have experiences in GIS and remote sensing data processing, and/or computer programming skills.
  • Regardless of their majors, all applicants should be self-motivated and have a positive attitude towards a voyage of scientific/engineering investigation. They should keep in mind the Confucius(孔子)'s famous aphorism "They who know the truth are not equal to those who love it, and they who love it are not equal to those who delight in it (知之者 不如好之者 好之者 不如樂之者)". If you only want to research along a well-trodden path, please don't apply.
  • Prospective topics are (but not limited to) the followings :
    • Spatio-temporal downscaling and fusion of multi-sensor remote sensing images using geostatistics and machine learning  
    • Classification, change detection, image reconstruction, and super-resolution mapping using deep learning
    • Environmental thematic mapping using multi-scale geostatistics and Bayesian models
  • For more information, please contact Prof. Park (nwpark at or visit his office (4-311).