Recreational Classes

2016-17 Class Schedule (click)

Boys and Girls

Levels offered: beginner, intermediate, advanced

Our progressive gymnastics program offers instruction on all Olympic events; for girls: floor exercise, vault, beam, and uneven bars. Boy events are: floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars, and high bar. In addition, we teach trampoline, mini-tramp as well as girls’ dance for gymnastics. Class size is limited to allow for maximum individual attention. Children increase strength and flexibility, along with confidence and self-discipline.
Class length 1 hour


Girls, boys, ages 3-5

Children work on coordination, strength, and flexibility, using all the various gymnastics equipment. This program emphasizes movement education and increasing kinesthetic awareness through a variety of rhythmic and gymnastic activities. An advanced “Mighty Mites” program is offered for especially motivated students. The preschool program is an excellent background for any child, whether or not the pursue sports or gymnastics in the future.
Class length 45 minutes

High School and Junior High

This program is used to train junior high, high school, and college students who wish to train for their competitive season on a local, state, or national level. The high school program is a CO-ED program with many outstanding coaches to help you train, and is also offered for those not wishing to compete.
Class length 3 hours

Pre-Team Developmental Classes

For boys and girls, these programs are for qualified students who are interested in developing into competitive gymnasts. There is no competition at this level. Advancement into the Boys Pre-team, or Girls’ Beginning Pre-team, is decided between coaches, parents, and child. Students are strongly urged to come at least twice per week at this level.
Class length 2 hours