Ukrainian Egg Art by Sarah Aguilar

I do commissioned hand dyed eggs for any holiday or occasion...not just Easter! Other popular holidays I create eggs for: Mother's Day, Veteran's Day, Secretary's Day, Boss' Day, St. Patrick's Day, Birthday's, Baby Showers and Jewish holidays. 

What is Pysanky? 

Pysanky (Easter Eggs) is an ancient Ukrainian art form using a labor intensive wax resistant process. At Easter times these eggs are given as gifts to friends, acquaintances, loved ones, and colleagues. The colors and symbols on the eggs represent hopes and wishes given for the receiver of the egg. For example, eggs with fewer colors are often given as gifts to sick friends, or people staying in the hospital to help with disease and health. Eggs decorated with wheat or flowers represent prosperity, wealth, and the earth’s bounty, they are given to bestow financial success to the recipient. Giving a gift of a pysanka is a classic way to show someone you appreciate having them in your life. A warm reminder you care, similar to a birthday card, delivering flowers, a beautiful, meaningful, priceless souvenir and token of respect.

My Technique

coming soon.

The latest art exhibit featuring my Ukranian egg art