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3. Reservation

しかまろくん 奈良市観光協会
 "Reservation "
Please call to NARA YMCA
Tel: 0742-45-5920  9:30~19:00 Mon to Fri   9:30~17:00 Sat
Fax: 0742-46-7563           
For reservation please tell us the following information.
1. Your name
2  Your nationality
3  Number of guests
4  Date of the tour
5  Time to meet
6  Place to meet (JR Nara Station, Kintetsu Nara Station or others)
7. Places you would like to visit 
8  Your hotel (and its phone number if you know)
9  Your email address or phone number available in Japan
10 Any message or comment

We ask our guests to cover the traffic fare during the tour.
We recommend you make a reservation at least 2 days before your tour date.
We don't arrange a tour by request of commercial organizations.

"A day Tour"
Please ask us about Volunteer guides  at Nara City  Tourist Information Center  and Kintetsu Nara Station Information Center(1F). Everyday exceptt from December 29
to January 3.
   Nara City Informationra Center   
  We have our guide corner inside from 9:00 to the  time we are asked for a guide. 

    Kintetsu Nara Station Information Center
You can stamp Shikamaro  stamps  in this information center.
しかまろくん 奈良市観光協会