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The first period: Special Exhibition Masters of American   
                                  Contemporary   Art
                                 - Center for Contemporary Graphic Art and Tyler   
                                   Graphis  Archive   Collection -

Nara Prefectural Museum of Art     in  Nara Park
  5- minute-walk from Kintetsu Nara Station
 15 -minutes - walk from Jr Nara Station 

April 12 (Sat) ~May 25 (Sun)
 9:00~17:00   (Friday & Saturday ~19:00)
closed on Mondays    ( May 5 (Mon) open   May 7 (Wed) Closed)
Foreigners : free admission

Naraiger, the Super Man of Nara, JAPAN
Once upon a time, the Hero of Yamato was born deep in the holy mountain forest of Kasuga.
As an eco fighter, he fought against the ambitions of the 'pollution empire' to pollute
 the rich natural Yamato Nara environment and conquer the earth thus protecting beautiful Yamato Nara and the earth.
Littering, which causes environmental destruction and is a breach of social manners by self centered, selfish people, is intolerable.
The hero uses 2 horns known as hyper horns to listen to people's cries for help!
He also has “somen flash” and “shika sen flash” powers! However he needs to eat Radzukena which is a hyper food that he eats to recharge his strength and energy!
Littering shall not be tolerated!!!


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