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4. From Visitors

 (^o^)   !(^^)!                                                                                                           A GERMAN and  A CZECH
My girlfriend, a student photographer, and I visited Nara in August, 2009.
It was a scorching day , but our guide Keiko showed the city around
in a relaxed way and we had a really wonderful time.  We definitely appreciate this volunteer program.
(ー_ー)!! AN  AUSTRALIAN  : What a wonderful day we are having with the guide. We are so lucky to have met her and feel very welcomed and informed about the history、the buildings temples and the area.  She is an asset to the Goodwill Oraganization.  Thank you!
)^o^( A NEW ZEALANDER : Thank you for such an excellent ruide.  The guide has made an unforgettable day in Nara.  She is very   knowledgeable and a very nice person. 
                                                               ---  PATIENT
                                                            ---   GREAT  SENSE  OF  HUMOR
                                                            ---  WOULD  HIGHLY  RECOMMEND       
(*^。^*)    A SPANISH :   The guide really nice  and  well studied.  What we enjoyed the most were the Great Buda and deer. It is a really nice country.   Thank you!!!       

Dear Seijisan,
Back to Vienna yesterday night after a long flight home we are just sorting and preparing our photos.
Again we both would like to say many thanks for your wonderful and informative guiding which we enjoyed very much.
Attached you find photos from our stay.
after all we can say that our visit to Japan was a great journey and experience mainly thanks to your perfect guidance.
Again many thanks and the best wishes to you and your wife and we hope to see you in Vienna!
We are waiting for you and you know, we have room enough to give hospitality. don't hesitate.
Many thanks for these amazing days in Nara
Angelika + Rainer