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5. About us

English Goodwill Guides  E G G   
          We call ourselves "EGG" after the initials of English         
                 Goodwill Guides.
Besides giving information in English at the station, in 1980 we actually started giving free guided tours (personalized tours). The EGG members consist of graduates of The Nara YMCA One Year Guide Course. They learn all the information necessary to guide people around the temple and shrines; Japan history, Buddhism, Shinto, culture and architecture etc. in English. They are really expert guides to Nara, many of them have more than 10 years of experience. Our free Guided Tours Services has been introduced in many international guide books; Lonely Planet, Travel Survival Kit, Japan Solo, and many others. We always welcome international visitors warmly, and try to convey and introduce the right information on Japan's culture and history to help you understand.

Through these activities, we would like to build international relation and developed friendship and trust, hoping eventually this will lead toward peace in the world; the EGG (English Goodwill Guide) group is merely a small organization but will blossom in the future and bring the rewards of international goodwill and peace.

 Founded         :     1970 
 Purpose          :     To guide foreign tourists and provide interpreting service 
                                        at tourist information centers,
                                        and build internationl goodwill 
 Members       :   Volunteers who have completed
                                      the Nara YMCA   Guide  Training  Course  
 Contact           :  "Nara YMCA"
                                   Address    4-11 Saidaiji-Minamimachi, Nara 631-0824 Japan
                                     Phone        0742-45-5920
                                   Fax            0742-46-7563 
Membership :  105 persons 
Funding           :  ①  Subsidy from the Nara City Government                                              
                                    ②  Membership fees ¥2000/year
       ③  Donation
 E-mail               :  eggnaraymca@hotmail.com
 Guests              :   We've guided visitors from 124 different countries 

 Country persons  Countrypersons  Countrypersons
 Iceland                       2 United Arab Emirates          4 Argentina            5
 Ireland                   7Cuba           1 Bulgaria              15
 USA                356 El Salvador          1 Vietnam             3
England                   86Slovenia            1Poland            3
 Israel                  32 Thailand         46 Venezuela              3
 Italy                  82 Czech         8 Luxembourg            2
 India                  36 China         60 Hong Kong              9
 Indonesia                 18Sri Lanka         50 Malaysia            109
 Ecuador                 2 Tahiti         2 Belgium             14
 Chile                   35 Germany         61 South African Republic             1
 Australia              155 Turkey          2  Mexico          33
Holland                 7 New Zealand         16 Myanmar            12
 Canada                64 Norway          6 Montenegro            2
 Oman               31 Brunei          1  Laos            18
Greece                  2 Hungary         44  Russia         4
 Colombia                 15 Tadzhikistan         24 Korea            2 
 Austria                 4


        94 Taiwan          34
Singapole                 69 Finland         2 Japan            17
 Switzerland               61 Brazil        35 group           71
  Spain            115  France       72 Nicaragua             3

           Total     2069
                                          Data of The visitors we guided in 2014    (2069 persons from 60 countries)