English Goodwill Guides  (EGG)
                                  Since 1970
  Why don't you enjoy Nara with us?

 しかまろくん 奈良市観光協会     
                   ・English Speaking
                   ・Personalized  Tour 

Nara YMCA Goodwill Guides are
Volunteers who are expert on Japanese traditional cultures and the ancient history of Nara. Goodwill gudes are available 7 days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm. We would like to show you the beautiful and historc sites of our city.
To make sure your visit more enjoyable and to help us meet your schedule, please contact Nara YMCA to  arrange your personalized tour.
          Nara YMCA
          Tel   : 0742-45-5920
          Fax  : 0742-46-7563
      E-mail: eggnaraymca@hotmail.com


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