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This site is primarily dedicated as an outlet for papers written as part of three directed studies to complete my M.Div at Boston University. The directed studies were on Corinthians, Missiology, and Martin Luther. In addition to the work related to these courses, I will be posting some theological pages here that will include some sermons, book notes and reviews, as well as papers. Feel free to look through some notes and reviews on some Missiology (the study of missions) books (links to the right). You will also find some of my previous papers on evangelism, and street children (historical and theological.)

Unity in Diversity?

The main work done for the Corinthians course was a paper entitled "Unity in Diversity? An analysis of the internal cohesiveness, and external boundaries of the ekklēsia in Corinth."

Luther Home

Recently added was a section on Martin Luther's works, including a comprehesive reading list of some of Luther's fundational works. Luther provides a great background for understanding the reformation and poses theologically challenging questions to the modern reader.

Online Sermons and Presentations

Missiology Books

The New Global Mission - Review 

Changing Tides: Latin America & World Mission Today - Review

What is Mission? - Review 

Changing Frontiers of Mission - Review

The New Context of World Missions - Review

Anthropological Reflections on Missiological Issues

Water Buffalo Theology

Constructing Local Theologies

Other Book Reviews

Future Grace

Pleasures of God

The Gospel According to Starbucks 

Papers (PDF Files)

Transition of Street Children to Off-Street Life

Evangelical Engagement with Contemporary American Culture: Developing the mode and message of effective one-on-one evangelism in America

A Theological Reflection on Street Children

Unity in Diversity?

Papers on Martin Luther

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Bolivian Street Children Project 

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