software for the course (Python 2.7,  Pygame and Pypres)

PYTHON 2.7   (THE programming language)

for Windows 32 bit:

Python 2.7.8 for win 32 bit

for Mac:

Python 2.7.8 for Mac OS 10.6 and later (64 and 32 bit)

Python 2.7.8 for Mac OS 10.5 and later (only 32 bit)


Pygame   (toolkit/module to run experiments)

for Mac:

PYGAME for python 2.7, Mac OS version


script editors (needed for editing scripts and saving UTF format of csv tables)

for PC:


for MAC:


Additional software (to perform statistical analysis with Pyprestat)

(to plot graphs)
(to use R from python for stat analysis)


for those who already run the experiment, just substitute the old with the one down here to fix the "key-answer" bug (it wasn't properly recording the answer key of every subtrial)

for those who never installed pypres: download the whole folder, unzip it in the location that you like and put the path of your experiment (e.g.  c:/myfolder/   or   user/myname/myolder) folder in the   (and follow the instructions in the .txt file).   Pay attention to use "/" instead of "\"  which is usually given to you by windows path.


*********   NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! NEWS!!!! ***********

- new version of updated (you still need the and the folders that you have in the pypres_zipped file.

- see the new (2 hours) Tutorial on eye tracking experiments and analysis downloadable here:

- sample of eye tracking visual world experiment analysis and the PyFixlab toolkit added in, more tutorials soon....

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