Vocalist include Lauren Eitzenberger, Shannon Behrens, Elizabeth Posey, Courtney Graham, Brok Mende, Nicole Gibson, Isabel Dondero, Molly Begley, Margaret Egeln, Grace Eitzenberger, and Bethany Johnson

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Sunday August 16th



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 Saint Brigid was born in 450 in Faughart in County Louth as daughter from a slave and Dubhtach the slave owner.  She traveled to give relief to the poor and ill.  She made the Brigid Cross from straw and hung them in houses and barns to protect the buildings against fire and lightning and the inhabitants from illness and epidemics.  The Spirit of Brigid performing troupe sings in her spirit Celtic songs to uplift and remember. 

                                    March 15th First Coast News --                                 

                                                              singing "The Spanish Lady


Looking for talented singers for the 2009-1010 performance season.  Please contact John Mark Shaw at 273-8959.