What is EGASSS?

Enhancing Girls Achievement Through Socialwork  Services in Schools

It is a new pilot initiative which will focus on supporting girls to have a balanced and sustained experience of secondary school which will have a positive influence on their life journey. The project will provide the services of a full time qualified social worker who will be based at Ahantaman Girls Senior High School  during term time and who will work with students and their families during  holidays. Ahantaman is the first Senior High School in Ghana to run this project.

The transition to secondary school and boarding provision can have an impact on young people leaving home for the first time.  Once in  school, the pressures of  academic work, alongside  social , civic and religious responsibilities can be hard to navigate. Young people may have a range of needs which, if left unresolved can impact on all aspects of their educational journey.For students to achieve they require  a balance in their emotional, social, physical, spiritual and educational well-being and this project aims to provide this.The Project was approved by GES in February ,2014.