A very warmth welcome to this self-healing website...

Very short introduction about me:

My name is Gerrit Regtop and I practicing self-healing since February 2011
Born 1953
I am Married
Two daughters
Two sons in law
Two Grandchildren


Let me introduce you to Quantum Entrainment:

Quantum Entrainment is a Portal for a healing process without the use of energy, and this has a healing side-effect to body and mind.
No, chakra's
No, breathing technique
No, energy

I am sure you have a lot of questions I recommend to read the FAQ page at Dr. Kinslow's website: http://www.quantumentrainment.com/faq.html

It is Amazing, test your own mental strength:


Your Growing Finger


Where does Energy start?

  Visit: http://www.quantumentrainment.com/video.html for more introduction video's

Audio file The Gate Techique
Audio file How to stop your thoughts

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