Transformational Mentoring for Women

Change.  It nudges you or perhaps shoves you or maybe completely turns your comfy world upside down.  However your initiation to change happens, life feels different.  You feel different in it.  You may feel stuck or as though you're swirling in chaos or simply that something doesn't 'fit';  life as you knew it may not work well anymore or it may have been fiercely pulled out from under you.  Or perhaps what used to feel 'right' no longer does but you don't know what will replace it.  It's all confusing and new and maybe you feel all alone and caught in the web of something you can't see your way out of and don't even know what help might look like.

I have been in that place, in all those places.  And I can tell you that where you are now, whatever it feels or seems like, holds immense promise for you.  Remember when you were a kid and your legs hurt because you were experiencing a 'growth spurt'?  This is the 'growth spurt' of your spirit.  Your spirit is breaking open; it wants to be heard.  In the words of Oliver Wendell Holmes: "Alas for those who never sing and die with all their music in them".  Our spirits truly want and need to sing, to be heard in all their uniqueness; that's what we're here for.

It is through being pushed into a bottomless abyss and almost swallowed up by it that I have been changed and deepened in ways I couldn't have imagined, to become the unique, true self I came here to be.  The spiritual depth of my experience combined with the skills I've developed for my energy psychology practice have lit a passion within me to lighten the journey for others.  I know you, too, can achieve deep, lasting personal change and be the unique, true self you came here to be.

'Transformational Mentoring for Women' has been birthed so no one needs to do this stretching alone.  I'm here to help. With Transformational Mentoring, change is dynamic yet gentle.  Energy psychology techniques (EFT, A&R, TAT and others) and being guided to a broader spiritual landscape opens you to possibilities you may or may not be able to imagine now.  That's okay.  I can imagine it and I will hold that space for you until you fully inhabit it.

This unique mentoring and growth opportunity is for you if change is tapping you on the shoulder.  Change can come cloaked as loss, physical symptoms, feeling confined or stuck in old patterns and habits, or an awareness that a part of one's life no longer "fits", or of a voice and a truth that's calling for expression.

Spirit calls to us in the details of our lives.  Hidden in the situations and circumstances of our lives are nuggets of our personal truth that, when mined, free our spirit and gift us with deep presence and joy.

If it is your heart's desire to cross the threshold of change and to attain the joy and peace of living in authenticity, please contact me to explore the best program for you.

"When you live in your own truth, you live in peace."
                                                                                                                  - Byron Katie