Introduction to EFT
How to Rewire Your Brain for Health, Happiness, Success and Joy!

Emotional Freedom
Technique is a life-changing self-applied tapping technique, based on the discovery that physical and emotional discomfort is caused by a disruption in the body's energy system.  It is a remarkably simple way to release stress and negative emotions and to transform any beliefs that limit your happiness or well being.

EFT can successfully reduce or eliminate:
  • anxiety
  • pain
  • fears
  • phobias
  • anger
  • cravings
  • performance blocks
  • substance sensitivities
And almost anything you can think of!  You can help your kids learn more easily, make test taking easier, improve self-confidence.  You can release the blocks to manifesting whatever you desire for your life!  The possibilities are limitless!

In this introductory class, you will learn:
  • the basic steps of EFT
  • how to treat an issue with EFT
  • how to correct energy reversals
  • what to do if it doesn't seem to be working
Advanced registration is required.

                            Date:  Saturday, July 21, 2012 . . . . 10 am - 12 pm

                            Location:  Chiropractic Company
                                               5306 N. Port Washington Road
                                               Glendale, WI 53217

                            Fee:  $45

                            To register:  Call Kimberly at Chiropractic Company
                                                  at 414-354-5377 or 414-315-8800
                                                  Deadline for registration: July 17, 2012

Please feel free to contact me with any questions.


EFT Foundational Workshop: Level 1

This full day workshop will give you a solid grounding in the basics of this revolutionary and simple self-healing technique, which you can use to help yourself, your family, friends and clients.  We will tap together, have live demonstrations, plenty of time for questions and lots of fun shifting our energies.

You will learn how to:
  • address triggered emotions
  • correct self-sabotage
  • uncover and treat different aspects of an issue
  • identify blocking beliefs and remove them
  • apply EFT to children and animals
and much more!  If you are ready to give up your suffering, join past participants in becoming empowered to heal troublesome emotions, painful memories and self-destructive patterns.

Advanced registration is required.  Please register early, as space is limited.

                            Date:  TBA

                            Location:  Shorewood (address upon registration)



Enhancing Your EFT Skills

This workshop will take your knowledge and understanding of EFT to a much deeper level.  You will go beyond the basics and move into developing the "art" of EFT, to take your tapping practice to the next level of expertise for better and more consistent results. 

Among the things you will learn are :
  • how to find the core issues
  • approaches for working with physical symptoms
  • how to identify and treat different aspects of an issue
  • how to work gently with deep emotional issues
  • different techniques to process issues
  • how to use EFT with children
  • how to effectively perform surrogate EFT
  • how to energy test to identify reversals that could prevent healing
This workshop is designed for those of you wanting to develop your EFT skill for professional use and for those of you who want to be better able to help yourselves, your family and friends.  It will be packed with information, demonstration and personal experience and will allow plenty of time for practice and for questions.

Date:  TBA

Location: Shorewood


Customize Your Own Tapping Group
Share a fun tapping session with your friends or colleagues by arranging a custom group.  Contact me for logistics and pricing info.

  Monthly Shorewood Tapping Circle

The awesome women participating in our monthly Tapping Circle in Shorewood continue to meet on the second Sunday of each month.  We continue to build our prosperity and happiness vibrations by mining ourselves for the limited thinking that holds us back from having all that we desire for our lives.

If you would like to explore the possibility of being part of the tapping circle, please contact me at or 414-213-0113. 

Gift Certificates

What better gift can you give than the gift of well being?  By giving a gift certificate for an EFT session or workshop, you are giving a gift the recipient will have for the rest of their lives.  Their lives will be changed by it, they can use it to increase their well being and they can use what they learn over and over and over . . . forever.  Not many gifts can do that!

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