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  • EFS Reality 1.5 Release Announced!
    As part of reviving my efforts on the Reality mod I have been working on some updates. I have fixed a few small errors in the data tables as well as updating stats on many of the land based units, especially the Anti-Air units. The new download can be found on the downloads page.
    Posted May 27, 2010, 8:58 AM by Haakon Stormbrow
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This mod for Emperor of the Fading Suns focuses on the following:

·         Improving the combat.

The standard Planetside attack modes in EFS are Indirect, Air, Direct, Close, and Psi. In the Vanilla version, a lot of units are able to attack in many of these modes. Also, many unit types were immune to some combat types to balance this. I have taken the steps to allow most units to be hit by combat modes that make sense, and then balanced that off by reduceing most units abilities to deal damage in multiple modes.

By reducing attack modes for units and reducing the power of base units like artillery, the game now rewards Hi-tech, diverse armies. You can also occasionally exploit an enemy stack that is missing a key ingredient (like anti-Air).



 ·         Improving the economy.

An attempt has been made to correlate the “points” of resources to real units of measure. This allows a better estimate of how much Metal should be in a certain unit or spaceship (or city).


·         Stretching out the technology tree.

I felt the technologies were developed much too fast in vanilla, and that the tree was too shallow. I would often obsolete units a mere 2 or 3 turns after building the first one. I have lengthened the tree as well as increase the research points needed. This make scavenging rebel forces and ruins much more necessary to keep a core of hi quality units.



·    Adding units and ideas from the Fading Suns Lore.


As I began modding I had no idea the game was based on a role playing game. Once I found this out I Purchased the Fading Suns RP sourcebook so I could do more research. I found a lot of good ideas for new units as I read.

I have added Kights, Brother Battle, Vorox legions, Amaltheans, Muster, and others. Some are mercenaries that will work for money. This can allow you to develop a powerful army if you are willing to forgo spending on other things (like Labs).

I also spent a lot of time editing the galaxy map to make worlds conform better to the conditions that might be present at the time of the game. I moved cities around on earth, added the brother battle cathedral to DeMoley, put an Imperial Fleet outpost on Cadiz, and many other modifications.




·    Increasing the feeling of coming out of the dark ages.

In the Vanilla Game, it was just too easy to start building up new cities and techs and immediately jump into a renaissance. It seemed impossible that after hundreds of years of decay, the known worlds would inexplicably begin a technological revolution. I, therefore, have taken steps to slow this down in the beginning of the game.

So Engineers now require Chemicals and Electroniks in substantial quantities, and Metal and Food in massive quantities. You will have no access to making your own Electroniks nor Chemicals for quite a few turns with the higher Tech costs and deeper tree. This will mean Buying from the League or else conquering worlds with the ancient production facilities you need.

It is not inevitable at all in EFS: Reality that the houses will climb out of the Dark Ages without taking steps to get their hands on some resources.



·    Preventing the Urban Sprawl created by the AI.

The other thing that needed to be done was to stop the AI from covering whole planets with cities. In additions to increasing the resources for Engineers, and making them only buildable in Factory cities, I also made them take 10 years to build.
·    Units look like what they are.
In the Vanilla game, some unit icons were reused. The infantry and heavy infantry units shared the same icon. I found it difficult while playing to have to check each time what i was using. I also found it unpleasing asthetically to have units not look like what they should. 
I liked the Nova and Hyperion mods, but the one thing i couldn't get around was how i never knew what unit i was looking at. Hyperion, especially, made use of just about every slot of every Unit Index (5 slots in 91 units). This makes for a great game with many technological upgrades, but it also meant a lot of confusion (and some icons look nothing like the unit they might represent).
I have almost entirely forsaken the ability to have 4 or 5 units for each graphic icon. In almost every case If you see an icon in Reality, you know what unit it represents.