The Upload

Uploading your Good Practice
You will find, here below, the Submission Report template. Click on the file name to download the document in Word format.
To register your Good Practice(s), you will have to fill in one submission document per Good Practice and reload these at the bottom of this page, click on Add Files (preferably in PDF format). Make sure than when you upload the document(s) back on this website, you name them with your organisation's name, e.g. Organisation_Submission.
Uploading your video can be done via DropBox. Follow this link : to upload your video file and submission report. (Password is GPC2012) - The file size is maximum 75MB. For bigger file, you could also use (files size up to 2GB).
Should you have any queries or issues uploading the submission report and/or the video, feel free to contact Vinciane Beauduin at EFQM (phone: 00322 775 3510 or email:
Vinciane Beauduin,
Jan 29, 2013, 7:24 AM