Please try this self-assessment to determine the level that would be best suited to help you. This self-assessment is just a guide and you are invited to work on as many levels as you would like. Please be sure to click "SUBMIT"

eFolio Self-Assessment

Click on the Skill Level link for a step-by-step video. 
You may watch it, then try it, or pause it and work through each step. It's up to you. 

For the greatest impact, have the following ready (as tabs in your browser):
  • an upcoming event in your calendar
  • a Google Document for testing purposes (can just include the word "test")
  • a Google Form for testing purposes
  • a random YouTube video of your choice
  • a random internet image of your choice

Novice (score 10-20)

Create a Google Site (for the first time)
  • Create pages
  • Link a website
  • Add an image
  • Add a video
  • Link a document
  • Embed a document
  • Insert a calendar
  • Insert a form
  • Apps Templates

Intermediate (score 20-40)

Embed and customize a variety of gadgets 
  • Tweak your URL
  • Change or Tweak a Theme
  • Adjust page and site layouts
  • Switch to horizontal navigation
  • Create an image URL using Picasa and add it to your site
  • Add a gadget, tweak it
Advanced (score 40-50)

Create a portfolio template using GSites.
  • Brainstorm what you want students to include
  • Create your own page template
  • Put together a site template to get students started
Note: You may want to let your students have free-reign over their website design, but a common template helps a lot if you are grading a large number of them or collaborating with multiple teachers with varying skill levels.