E-folio in Teacher Education

Articles and Research

Links to a number of efolio articles/research from Neal Strudler, University of Nevada Las Vegas and Keith Wetzel.

Hiper, Research in Efolio- research study posted online

Helen Barret's Website/Blog on efolios
*Special note: She has been working with and reflecting on the use of portfolios for a
number of years.

Other articles on portfolios/efolios

Opinion piece from Campus Technology- Highly recommended

The Use of Portfolio Assessment in Evaluation- Food for thought

Dominican University Portfolio Video- A "how to" guide. Students reflect during periods called "gateways".

University of Southern California Center for Teaching and Learning
Provides numerous links to other efolio sites

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Other websites:
Schools of Education Portfolio Websites

Ohio State

University of WI-Madision  *Interesting: Students present their portfolios at the schools in which they did their internship. Stakeholders are invited to the presentation.

Indiana State University  *Includes a rubric

University of Arkansas  *Link to handbook. Portfolios are organized around a conceptual framework. Students are scored on a rubric and must obtain a certain score.

Syracuse University

The first step in planning portfolio assessment for your classroom is determining the purpose of the assessment. This means deciding what you want to measure and why you want to make that measurement. The purpose of the portfolio is the foundation on which the entire project rests. The purpose should be specific, but not too narrow.
From: http://www.nclrc.org/portfolio/5-1.html

One of the greatest strengths of portfolio assessment in program evaluation may be its power as a tool to communicate program impact to those outside of the program. While this kind of data may not take the place of statistics about numbers served, costs, or test scores, many policy makers, funders, and community members find visual or descriptive evidence of successes of individuals or programs to be very persuasive.
From: http://ag.arizona.edu/fcs/cyfernet/cyfar/Portfo~3.htm