Volunteers required

Volunteers required;
Efloraofindia (efi), is the biggest database on net on Indian Flora. It's growing at a rapid pace with ever increasing members & posts. We are looking for volunteers who can take up work of building up/ improving efloraofindia (efi) website. These are listed below:
1. Properly formatting the current edited pages (as per procedure give below in subpages at 'Formatting efloraofindia pages') as per Colour scheme & formatting.
2. Re-surfacing Id requests (as per procedure give below in subpages at 'Procedure for re-surfacing Id requests')
3. Connecting the threads & their material on efi website from efi e-group (as per procedure give below in subpages at 'Procedure for updating efloraofindia site').
4. Addition of description for different species.
5.  We can think of a "Pictorial eFlora of India" with only images and without much text but with links to the sources. Somebody can take up this work independently.
Similar other works for improvements & implementation of new ideas etc. can also be taken up by the volunteers.
Due credit will be given to them in the website. It will be an honorary job with a lot of potential to disseminate ones' learning about his/ her chosen subject as well as learning a lot of new things in turn. One may look after any of the work as per ones' convenience & time & to the extent possible. One will also be suitably rewarded with moderatorship of the group etc.
Any free institutional support in this regard is also welcome. 
If anybody interested, pl. write back to itpmods@googlegroups.com 
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