Monthly Family Weeks/ fortnights

Monthly family weeks/ fortnights;
The stage for one week focus on one group every month was initiated by Dr. Balkar Singh who uploaded several members of family Convolvulaceae on September 23 and 24, 2010. This was followed by two day focus on Cucurbitaceae on October 8 and 9. Since then one week is devoted to a selected group in the first week of every month, starting with Monday and ending on Sunday. These weeks are coordinated by different members whose name appears along each group. The following episodes have been covered/are to be covered and have met great response from members. Starting from September 2011, it has been proposed to honour the person with top uploads during the week each month. The name appears against the group. The group under focus is generally a family with at least 100 members in India but preferably not more than 600. The families are accordingly treated together or split into more than one episodes. Beginning from May, 2013 these weeks are being converted into family fortnights. 
Hero of the family weeks 2011        Mr. Dinesh Valke
Star of the family weeks 2012         Mr. Prashant Awale
Star of the family fortnights 2013   Dr. Gurcharan Singh
Star of the family fortnights 2014   Dr. Gurcharan Singh

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