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About eFI website

About eFI website;

Descriptio​ns/ pronunciat​ion/ etymology etc. are growing at efloraofin​dia site:
Descriptions/ pronunciation/ etymology etc. are growing in species' pages at efloraofindia site ( thanks mainly to the untiring efforts of ... & ... among others.
My salutes to both of them among others.

efi site page created- Colour scheme & formatting:
A new efi site page has been created as 'Colour scheme & formatting'
This has been created so that one may see the scheme while viewing any of the species pages.

Valley of flowers page recast on efi site:
Valley of flowers page has been recast on efi site & now have family wise checklist of 470 plants recorded by Satish Phadke ji under 'List of Plants':
May have a look.
Most of these 470 plant species already have individual pages on efi site with full details of discussions.
Kas page created on efi site:
A Kas page has been created on efi site based on feedback received from posts from ..., other posters in Kas Week etc.
& can be seen at
Special thanks to ... in the matter.

Checking Bot. names & author citations at efi site: While starting/ constructing efi site, I have given names to the species page as per the accepted names given in the Plant List.
I think there are lot of mistakes in this regard, which needs to be corrected.
I will do so as & when I add more inf. to a species page, provided time permits.
I have been doing so when ever there is a new discussion in this regard (Bot. names & proper author citation) at efi group & I find a mistake in efi site in that regard.
Singh ji has been raising such issues now & then.
It will certainly be a long drawn process.
I have a request to our members especially to our moderators that when ever they post any species or help it in Id etc., pl. have a look at efi site page & inform me or the group of any discrepancy.
This will go a long way in correcting the mistakes in efi site.
Recent Miscellaneous topics re-organised at efi site 
These are searchable on efi site as well as through Google search etc.
In future such organisation will be followed at efi site for miscellaneous discussions/ topics.