Best of the Month

To encourage increased participation, it has been decided to nominate one person among moderators and one among the rest of the members every month based on the maximum number of posts during a month. To give chance to maximum persons, a person once declared as eFl man/woman will get a gap of five months and can be declared eFl man/woman only after that to give fair chance to maximum members. List of top contributors can be found by clicking the month.

Between March and September, 2012 a single person  was nominated each month due to posting problems in Google Groups and resultant low participation. The mandatory gap was reduced to two months, i.e. a person can be nominated a maximum of four times in an year. From October, 2012 two persons will be nominated one among moderators and one among rest of the members, maintaining mandatory gap of two months. 

From November 2013 it has been decided to nominate two persons each month: Star of the month with maximum number of uploads during a month (no gap in nomination), and Most Interactive Person (maximum 4 nominations in one year) with maximum number of posts. 

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