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1. The Pillars

The Pillars;
Name (Main area of expertise on Flora of India)
Sh. J.M. Garg (efloraofindia website)
Dr. Gurcharan Singh  older Id (Western Himalayas)
Sh. Dinesh Valke (Compilation of names in Indian languages & Flora Documentation)
Dr. Nidhan Singh (Western Himalayas)   
Dr Pankaj Kumar (Orchidaceae)
Dr. Vijayasankar Raman (South India)
Dr. D. S. Rawat (Western Himalayas)
Dr. Tapas Chakrabarty (Euphorbiaceae & Phyllanthaceae)
Dr. Ritesh Kumar Choudhary (Polygonaceae & Eastern Himalayas)
Sh. Prashant Awale (Flora Documentation of India)
Dr. Satish Phadke older Id (Flora Documentation of Maharastra)
Dr. P. Santhan (South India)
Dr. Balkar Arya (Western Himalayas)
Sh. Surajit Koley (Flora Documentation of West Bengal)
Smt. Bhagyashri Ranade (Flora Documentation)       
Sh. Shrikant Ingalhalikar older Id (Author of Flowers of Sahyadris)
Sh. Anurag Sharma (Flora Documentation of Karnataka)
Dr. Usha Desai (Ornamental Flora)
Sh. Muthu Karthick (Flora Documentation of Tamilnadu)
Dr. Neil Soares (Flora Documentation of Maharastra)   
Smt. Aarti Khale (Flora Documentation through photography)  
Dr. Tabish Qureshi (Flowers of India website)
Dr. Giby Kuriakose (Western Ghats)
Sh. Tanay Bose (Fungi)    
Smt. Alka Khare (Flora Documentation through photography)  
'Pillars' are long-standing, committed & hard working persons who are strengthening and promoting efloraofindia as a whole, striving to take it towards achieving its goal. They have high-level expertise (required for the group in the fields like taxonomy, photography, documentation, field trips/ surveys etc.) & are showing great dedication, creativity & involvement resulting in 'critical' contributions for the growth of efloraofindia. In concise, they are the persons who have changed the face of efloraofindia. More such names will be added when they come up to their level provided their behavior is upto the mark. Their are many other Subject Experts besides The Pillars, who have whole heartedly devoted themselves.
Click the link Moderators & Details of some important contributors for the details of The Pillars along with the details of other moderators.