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GWS Formosa 2 Build

·  Wing Span : 1080 mm (42.5 in)

·  Length : 1100mm (43.3 in)

·  Wing Area : 23.8dm² (368.9 sq in)

·  Empty Weight : 309 g (10.9 oz)

·  Flying Weight : 720 g (25.4 oz)  (bollocks!!!!!!!!!  Making it flyable made mine 950g ready to fly.            This is what most modded F2’s come out at.  Web forums are awesome!!!)

·  Wing Loading : 30.20 g /dm² (9.9 oz/sq.ft)… better make that 42 g /dm² or 12oz/sq ft.

I have used HX900 9 gram servos throughout ($5 each).

Time for the American accent… Pete Kirby CHOOSES to fly JR DSX9 radio and AR6000 rx.  (If you have seen the pilot introductions in the USA comps, you will understand the last line…).

Time to build… 5 hours according to the box.  It took me 30.  No smart-ass s l o w comments thanks :)



My Sebart Angel 50 F3A machine is way too big for the park.  I need a pattern practice plane.  After a little research told me that this plane with a big enough motor will fly the advanced routine, I spent $100 on a foamy.  I already had the 3S 2200mA packs, 40A esc and 3542 1100Kv motor.