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I get many questions about my alarms and how they connect, so here are few answers... 

Will I hear the 91dB piezo over my Trex450?

Well, it depends!!!  The frequency of the large piezo I use is 3.3Khz.  If you run a 3000 rpm or similar head-speed or if you fly with others, you may not hear it very well.  This is where the 4x10mm lights work well. If you run a slower head-speed or a smaller heli (like an Esky 3S Honeybee), it may work well.

Or!!! I have joined two piezos together - a 3.3Khz  91dB and a smaller 2.3Khz 86dB.  They produce a combination of the two frequencies and this has been described as "iritating".  I have made several of these for Quick EP8 helis on 4S.  They will be available as a standard alarm soon.

How do I know if I am taking too much from my Lipo battery?

I recommend setting the alarm to 3.33v per cell or higher to start with.  Most chargers measure how much capacity you put back in.  Look at putting 75-80% of the total battery capacity back in.  Over-discharging of packs may permanently damage/decrease the number of cycles the pack is capable of.  I have several packs with over 100 cycles on them.

Can the lights-only alarms work on planes?

Oh yeah!!!  I have a 4-light alarm in my 3S powered pattern plane.  It is mounted in the clear canopy - but I do a lot of inverted flying.  They fit through a hole in the base of the fuselage too.


My esc-battery plug is moulded as a single piece.  How do I connect the wires of the alarm

All alarms are supplied with heatshrink.  What I do is skim a little insulation off the wires between the esc and the plug.  Stagger the cuts by an inch to ensure they will never contact - even if you loose the heatshrink!!!  I cut the heatshrink from end-to-end and wrap it around the joint (one wire at a time without the battery connected).  Secure with a little cyno.  When dry, heat to shrink.

I don't like soldering Deans-style plugs, can you attach back-to-back plugs to the alarm?

Yes I can for an extra US$5.  I have supplied many like this to make the job easier. 

I don't have paypal - how else can I pay for the alarms?

While I cannot accept creditcards yet, there are other options.  Email me for help on this.