for RC aircraft 

Due to the increasing cost of international postage, I will not be exporting alarms.

Many thanks to the modelers over the last 6 years that use or have used 610 of my alarms.

I know I have saved many models but technology with telemetry have now made our hobby safer and postage costs have doubled.

Many thanks - Pete, "Efliernz"

Suitable for aeroplanes and helicopters - over 520 now flying in 27 countries  


Simple low-volt alarms that work

on the voltage you want,

not what the esc thinks you need.  


Over 520 flying in 27 countries.  

These alarms are made 

individually in New Zealand.  Where I hear you say???



Where's NZ?


I calibrate each one and mark the voltages on the sensor.  

If it says 21v - it is 21v!!!  


We are having a few "glitches" with this site.  If all else fails, email me at efliernz@gmail.com until we get it sorted.

 - thank you,

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