Internet Links - Resources  provides links to many different sites to enhance your teaching.

·  provides loads of forms, graphic organizers, and good lesson plans.

·  is the ultimate web site for lesson plan ideas.

·  is just what you need if you are a new, or not so new, teacher.

·  provides lesson plan ideas coordinated with their programming.

·  a wide variety of topics are arranged by subject or grade level.

·    teacher created site to help teachers find online resources quickly and easily.

·  free printables; great for kids, parents and teachers

·  theme units, 1000 sites for teachers

·  free math worksheets for parents and teachers

·  carefully reviewed resources, including the top 5% in education

·  free worksheets, activities, theme units, ebooks & sites for teachers







·  This is a general music teacher’s resource


·  Songs are presented by academic subject


·  Educational Music Program


·  Songs for teaching, color songs and songs that connects music with literature


·  Drawing and writing lessons


·  General resource for art teachers


·  Lesson plan ideas for art teachers


·  For teachers and kids


·  Lessons by grade or theme















·  A site for parents, providers and educators of young children


·  Offers ideas, activities, suggested reading, and more for teachers of students with autism and developmental disabilities


·  Provides a gateway to many resources


·  This is a resource for kids and teachers


·  Educational resources and lesson plans