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YakUI 1.4 Fixes

For 1.3.6a.

RvR Stats needs to be updated.

Curse Updates:
Caves needs to be updated.
Squared needs to be updated.
LibRange needs to be the most recent version.
RVAPI_ColorDialog needs to be the most recent version.
Effigy needs to be the most recent version. If you update from 2.5.x, which was included with YakUI 1.3.6, UNINSTALL the old version first.

Effigy Update FAQ:
Q: My Target has a box over it!
A: Make sure EffigyAssets and YakAssets are re-enabled
Q: My Icons/Offsets seem to be slightly off.
A: If you have a supported resolution, reload the YAK_140 Layout in Effigy

Moth will go into well-deserved retirement with the next version, so you can already uninstall it. After uninstalling, the standard mouseovers will still be hidden, so the following needs to be entered into the chat after the uninstall to resume normality:
/script WindowSetShowing( "MouseOverTargetWindow", true )
/script WindowSetShowing( "DefaultTooltip", true )

SOR needs to be disabled, but *first* go into the SOR Options and leave the update channel.
SOR_RRQ needs to be disabled.