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6. Online HW and Assessment

QUEST Homework Service (Free)

Instructor FAQ
  1. Obtain a UT EID from
    If your email address changes, you need to return to this URL and correct it.
    NEVER obtain a second EID.
  2. Log into
    You will be sent to the EID system for your EID and password, then redirected back. If the redirection doesn't work, type in the URL again:
  3. Click the arrow beside "Get Started"
  4. Fill out the profile:
    • If you teach only at ONE institution, do not fill out anything for SECONDARY INSTITUTION.
    • If you teach more than one subject, choose ONE department as a default. You can change this as necessary when you create assignment.
  5. Get Authorized! Please email a scanned copy of the following to
    1) a recent paystub from your educational institution (can black out sensitive information like SSN or salary)
    2) a photo ID (faculty ID or driver's licence)
    Information can also be faxed to: (512) 232-1060
    Please allow 2-3 business days for your request to be processed.

WebAssign ($)

Diagnoser (Free)

Computer Assisted Learning Method (CALM) (Free)

Chapter 8: Online Assessments and Hearing Students Think About Science

Guidelines for best practice

  • Make sure there is a wealth of content to draw upon in the package.
  • Make sure the problem sets are randomized.
  • Make sure that the feedback provided by the system is meaningful to your
    students and serves to shape student thinking.
  • Make sure the system has flexibility so that it can be adapted for the students’,
    classroom’s, and teacher’s needs.
  • At the beginning, use the technology during class sessions at the school’s
    computer lab, assigning two or three students to a computer.
  • Assign online assessments as class work rather than homework, given the
    digital divide seen in many of our more economically diverse or disadvantaged
  • Model how to approach the questions and their answers several times before
    students attempt this work on their own.
  • Be willing to “stick with it” and ask for support when needed.

More Examples of Best Practice