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Building Backlinks For Profit SEO: Modern Practices

There are a lot of different ways to promote your website, and most of them will help improve your site's search engine ranking if you employ them properly. This is because a lot of these techniques produce backlinks - links on other sites pointing to your own - and this has a very potent effect on your ranking. Three of the most common promotional tactics for building backlinks are commenting, guest posting, and article marketing.

While every search engine uses slightly different algorithms to rank pages, all of them consider backlinks to be important and all of them can be positively influenced by the link-building techniques mentioned above. If your company's website needs a little more visibility in the search engines and a little more traffic coming in, learning more about these link-building techniques can help.

Commenting - Does It Still Work?

Adding comments to blogs and other websites was an immensely powerful way to promote your own site back in the early years of online marketing. This technique's effectiveness has been sharply curbed in more recent times thanks to the rise of the nofollow tag.

A nofollow tag informs the search engines that outbound links on a given page - like a comments section - should be ignored. This means that such links aren't counted towards ranking the pages they point to. 

Does this mean that commenting around the web and participating in your community has become pointless from a link-building standpoint? Not quite. Although most comments have been stripped of their direct link-building power, they do still help build up the commenter's authority. The search engines will see your activity within your niche and assume that you have something of interest to say; this, in turn, will have a small positive effect on how your individual pages rank.

Exert More Control Over Link-Building

Article marketing became the next big fad in link building once commenting lost ground. Article directories tend to use a dofollow tag which works in the opposite way of the nofollow tag. Article marketing is also a useful way to build up a better Alexa rank, which is a generally helpful thing to have when you're optimising.

Giving you a link-building opportunity like this is essentially the way article directories pay you for the content you provide. More articles give the directories more opportunities to deploy AdSense ads; it's only fair for the directories to repay the content creators for those opportunities.

Bear in mind that some directories follow the opposite strategy and use the nofollow tag as a way to safeguard the quality of their content. Nofollow directories with a high enough Page Rank and enough human followers may still be worth working with, as they'll send real traffic to your site directly.

Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is the third free method of cultivating backlinks for your site. At its core, guest blogging is not very different from article marketing. You're working with a blog instead of a directory, but the goal is the same: Get your all-important link onto their site.

You need to invest more effort into crafting a strong piece of content when you're trying to guest blog, as these posts will be put in front of a human audience. Research your targeted site carefully and craft a piece that will fit in well with their topics and style.

Don't be too disheartened if your piece gets turned down by a blog; you can always recycle it through conventional article marketing. Also, use your initial attempt as a learning experience; craft another article that will have better odds of being accepted for a guest post.

As page ranking algorithms change, old-style article marketing where you blanket every conceivable directory with content isn't working as well as it used to. Target the best quality directories and use the advice provided here to shift your efforts towards guest blogging; a forward-thinking link building strategy will start to deliver better results.

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