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M. J. Joachim:
  M. J. Joachim wears many hats on Effectively Human. She is editor, writer and publisher, while being a wife and mom at home. M. J. immersed herself in Internet writing in 2007, and maintains five active blogs. Along with that, M. J. has been published by University of Phoenix, Degree Match, USA Today, as well as hundreds of geographic specific articles across the country for a local guide publisher. Along with her responsibilities on Effectively Human, M. J. has published four ebooks through Smashwords

Vonda J. Sines: Vonda J. Sines is a freelance writer and editor who has published thousands of online articles as well as print pieces in publications such as Family Circle and Catholic Digest. Vonda earned a B.S. in Journalism from Northwestern University and an M.A. in Writing from Seton Hill. Her specialties include health and wellness, pets and other animals, and spirituality. An animal rescuer, she has a particular interest in the rights and welfare of abandoned creatures, regardless of their species. She is a Benedictine Oblate attached to the Monastery of St. Benedict in Bristow, Virginia. 

Ann Hinds
: Ann is one of those rare individuals who appreciates life, speaks her mind, backs up what she says and puts her words into action. She's a wife, mother and grandmother, without any of your typical stereotypes attached. She and her husband adopted their grandson, and when the public school system failed them, Ann took on the important task of homeschooling him, as well as becoming a board member of her local ASA Softball and Pony league baseball organization.  

Ann embraces life, taking every opportunity to learn from it. She's a passionate writer, who has published hundreds of Squidoo Lenses and Helium Articles and How-To Guides. As if all these responsibilities were not enough to keep her busy, Ann is also the Root Manager of Helium's Parenting and Pregnancy Channel. 

MJ Logan: Michael Williams is a writer, editor, and web page designer. His professional background includes electrical, computer and test engineering, real estate investment, network engineering and management, programming and he was once a remodeling company owner. "Until you get your hands dirty, you haven't lived," says Michael.

Michael writes under the pen names of Michael Logan, Michael James Logan and MJ Logan. He designs and builds websites through his development website,

Glory Lennon:
 Glory Lennon loves life, her husband of 28+ years, her four grown children and her laptop, usually in that order. She is an obsessed gardener and writer-- and not at all ashamed to call herself a housewife. Why should she be? She's rather good at cooking, baking, sewing, crocheting, quilting and knitting. She also plays the dual role of office worker for her husband's company and her son Brandon's business, although she's not nearly as good at that.  It was only by chance that she stumbled upon the Internet and found there was a place for her two obsessive loves, gardening and writing. She combined the two, first at Helium writing short stories, followed by Green Thumb Articles and Glory's Garden -- one of her five fun blogs, where she encourages others to garden wherever they live. To be close to nature, after all, is to be close to the miracle of life. Her other blogs include a serialized romance novel: Violets in Bloom, a teen novel:  An Ever Fixed Mark, Glory's Novellas and Glory's Short Stories, each easy to find through Glory's Garden blog. 

Angela Young:  Angela (Angie to her friends)  is in a love relationship with her God, her husband, her children, her grandchildren and anyone else she has ever taught.  She seeks to share that love with everyone. Angela’s writing is eclectic, but usually focuses on ways to make life better.  She has written much in her lifetime and wrote her first poem in elementary school.  You can find examples of Angela’s work at Helium and Yahoo She also publishes two blogs entitled: “Do you mean what I know” focusing mostly on communication issues, and “Writing with both sides of my brain,” a fun writing blog.  Angela earned a Masters in Education from Ohio State University, and has a passion for teaching, especially those in her Sunday school class.  She is also passionate about her many artistic endeavors, including writing, painting, crochet, paper art, sewing and more.  Angela loves to interact with her readers and appreciates thoughtful feedback.

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