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Change as Part of the Human Experience

Everyone must deal with change. How we deal with it is an entirely different story.

By M. J. Joachim

Change happens in different degrees throughout our lives. We learn to deal with it from the beginning of time, as our bodies rapidly change within our mother’s wombs. Two cells join forces and begin multiplying at record speed, forming the baby that continues to change and grow at a predictable, but ever changing rate of development. Before we know it, we are thrusts into the ever changing world, a place where change is constant, and coping with it effectively deserves a lifetime achievement award.

Change is necessary, but is it also welcome? So many people shudder to think about turning their worlds upside down with change, only to look back and wish they had made certain changes sooner. Others are perfectly content to remain passive, avoiding change at all costs, even if without it, they are sure to be unhappy. The reality is that change is unavoidable; everyone must deal with it, including those who remain passive, to some degree or other.

According to a study conducted through the University of Washington titled, Assessing the Impact of Life Changes, “It would appear, then, that one’s perception of control over environmental events, sensation-seeking status, and degree of psycho-social assets may all mediate the effects of life stress. It seems likely that there are also other individual difference variables that moderate the effects of life changes, and research designed to identify them is needed.” This study examines numerous variables, both negative and positive, which affect how people respond to change. It also includes The Life Experiences Survey in the Appendix, so people can calculate their own anticipated responses to change.

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