Teen Sex Talks: Who’s Talking, Teaching and Profiting?

Exploiting Teen Sexuality and Curiosity: Undermining Family Values and Parental Authority in the Name of Sex Education 

by M. J. Joachim

The nine lives of the cat may well have outlived curiosity’s dilemma, having killed it more than once, to be sure. However, it seems doubtful that such a thing proved harmless in the process, which is why things like sexual curiosity—particularly among teenagers, should be handled with respect and dignity, not only with the teenager alone, but inclusively of his or her entire family, taking into account family values, parent and sibling relationships, social    considerations among peers and youth groups as well. Sex, after all, is not merely a topic of curiosity, but also an opportunity for numerous discussions on healthy human relationships. The act of touchy-feely, and avoidance or dismissal of its consequences, is only the very smallest and miniscule part of what having sex is really all about.

In a world of instant communication, vigilance and diligence is not enough to prevent wolves from preying on our youth. It’s a race to the finish line now, one where parents are often shocked to find out their kids know more about the act of sex, as opposed to the respect and beauty of it. Sex has been glamorized, mutilated and objectified for centuries. In the past however, parents could soften the blows, redirect the discussion and influence the decisions of their children. Those awkward talks often haunted the young ones, limiting their willingness to explore and exploit their sexuality, and allowing the ever important balancing act of healthy sexual relationships to remain intact, often postponed until emotional maturity would be more adept at handling it.

Perhaps society shouldn’t be surprised by Planned Parenthood’s recent undermining of parental authority and family values, in the name of teaching sex education to our kids. The organization has created its very own 5-digit texting number, so kids can sign up like they do for other social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The only difference is that this texting code has a niche market targeting teenagers who are curious about sex, inviting and encouraging them to ask anything they want anonymously. Naturally, standard text messaging fees apply. Planned Parenthood is and always has been in the business of making money through the demise of our children, and since abortions numbers appear to be declining, it seems only natural they can make up some of the difference through the irresistible urge of our kids via texting and sexual curiosity—a bomb able to wreak havoc, if ever there was one.

According to their webpage (purposely omitted in the interest of preventing further exposure of it), Planned Parenthood, “cannot diagnose conditions or give personal medical advice in a text message, and our responses are never a substitute for seeing a doctor. If you need to go to a health care center, find one here.” There is a wonderful link directing our youth to several of Planned Parenthood’s most popular and utilized services including: abortion, birth control, emergency contraception, LGBT services, pregnancy testing and services, STD testing, treatment and vaccines, as well as men and women’s general sexual health care services…all accessed anonymously through teen texting, and treated with patient confidentiality.


                                                                                                    Global Age of Consent

Exclusive sexually oriented conversations begin via teen texting, eventually to be inhibited by doctor/patient privilege confidentiality agreements. Parents are at risk of being excluded from participating in what are often considered life-changing decisions, made by their children (in conjunction with complete strangers), as it pertains to their sexuality and how they choose to exercise their natural sexual tendencies, complete with the consequences thereof. Certainly more than one perspective, and most definitely a human agenda, as opposed to a bottom line (i.e. Planned Parenthood Organization financial profit/loss agenda), should be the primary goal of addressing teen curiosity about sex, drugs, alcohol and every other thing our youth becomes liberally exposed to, during this amazing time of growing up and becoming healthy, responsible adults in society. 

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