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Ireland Prohibits Abortion, Giving Unborn Children Full Human Rights

Even today, she stands firm in her resolve to protect her unborn children...

by M. J. Joachim

Fight or flight? Perhaps it’s just one more reason to be proud of my Irish heritage. After nearly 40 years of legalized abortion in the USA, I’m still standing my ground and defending the unborn against their brutal demise. I remember the very first time the horror of the argument truly hit home for me. I was a sophomore in a Catholic high school, nearly ten years after Roe v. Wade was passed, legalizing abortion in America. Our religion teacher asked the entire class to raise their hands if they believed abortion was wrong. I was the only student who did so. From there, a debate ensued that took three days of class time…me against my fellow classmates, explaining my position and challenging theirs.  At the end of that time, Mr. Shubert asked the class again, “Who believes abortion is wrong?” Almost everyone in the class raised their hands.

When abortion was legalized in the United States, no one could have imagined the Pandora’s Box it proved to open. Few could understand the implications of such a law, and so many good, well-intentioned people, simply gave it little credence, considering the absurdity of any mother actually wanting to harm her own child. Had we known then, what we know now, perhaps our citizens would have been like mother lions protecting their young. But America was careless regarding such matters. Ireland, on the other hand, was not. Even today, she stands firm in her resolve to protect her unborn children, spending millions of dollars to defend her position against frivolous lawsuits, upholding her integrity and honor in the fight to remain pro-life, despite those who desire nothing more than to see her undoing.

According to A, B and C Ireland: Europe’s Roe v. Wade Has to Wait (Law Quarterly Review, 2011), the Irish Constitution guarantees the rights of unborn children, adherent to their 8th Amendment. “It provides that “the state acknowledges the right to life of the unborn and, with due regard to the equal right to life of the mother, guarantees in its laws to respect, and as far as practical, by its laws to defend and vindicate that right.” Life Institute states, “Ireland is a sovereign nation, and our prolife laws should be decided by the people. However the European Union continues to attempt to interfere in Ireland’s prolife laws, and many recent EU rulings and resolutions have caused serious concerns to prolife people, especially in relation to abortion, euthanasia and embryo research.”

Youth Defence, acclaimed as one of Ireland’s most active prolife groups, strongly believes in the importance of having a social conscience. To that end, they work to debunk the culture of death, illuminating the outrageous and faulty claims of abortion propaganda, and defending life by implementing necessary strategies and projects in multiple ways, including their Direct Action Campaign, a movement which “is the basis for pro-life strategies of Education, Public Demonstration, Campaigning, Communicating and Lobbying.”

As much as I’d love to live in a country like Ireland that recognizes the human rights of our unborn children, I know I was called to fight the travesty of abortion in the United States of America. To that end, I salute you, Ireland, and will make it my goal to learn from your example, hoping that someday, the pro-lifers in this country will share your victory, and declare our unborn children citizens here, like you do there. 

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