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Introducing Gianna Jessen

by M. J. Joachim

Gianna Jessen is one of those rare individuals who's mission in life was clear from the day of her birth. She was born with numerous health problems, an unwanted child who's life task was to overcome and survive against all odds. Her story of faith, hope, courage, perseverence and forgiveness is inspirational to millions of people throughout the world. Her determination to keep proper boundaries, while still being charitable to those who have seriously hurt her through the years is a lesson for us all. You see, Gianna Jessen is an abortion survivor who lived to tell her story, the story of being burned alive within her mother's womb, left to die in a Planned Parenthood abortion clinic, and crusading against the abortionist who ended up signing her birth certificate. Thank you, Gianna Jessen and THANK GOD for giving you to our world -- ALIVE!

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