Embracing Human Differences

“Try, my child, to do the will of another, rather than your own.” 
Imitation of Christ

 by Angela Masters Young

Humanity is a funny thing.  We are all the same and yet all different.  We think we’re unique, and we are, but we are all the same too.  Why then is it so hard for us to get along?  Why do we see other’s humanness, but justify our own?  The Bible says there’s nothing new under the sun, so we can be sure it’s not a new phenomenon.  If we’re really the same, why do we focus so hard on the things that are different?



Not so different

The same more than different

That’s true of mankind;

Yet the different we see

And hold in our mind.

When we look underneath

We’re unique, yet the same

So love as He does

Not fanning sin’s flame

All created by God

The same under skin.

All born with fallen nature

All hearts filled with sin.

We all minimize

Each flaw of our own

We all maximize

Those others have shown.

We all need to love

And have love to give

We all need to find value

We all need to forgive

We want others to see us

As treasures of gold

We all seek significance

And someone to hold.

We all spill red blood

When cut, don’t you see?

We’re all just alike,

Would you not agree?

When we look underneath

We’re unique, yet the same;

So love as He does

And quit marring his name.

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