Power Drink Recipe 122912

Because being healthy promotes effectively human behavior…

1 baby beet with beet greens

1 large radish (greens removed)

½ Cup chard

½ Cup spinach

½ Cup baby romaine lettuce leaves

4 – 6 large broccoli leaves (substitute broccoli flowerets if you must)

1 Cup red grapes

2 medium sized apples

3 Cups purified cold water

Place all ingredients in blender or food processor and liquefy. Juice may be strained to make it pulp free, or served as a smoothie.

Makes approximately 4 pints

This recipe has a spicy, sweet flavor. I prefer to use tender plants, picked fresh from my garden when making it. 

You don't always see a lot of broccoli leaves in the grocery store, because produce is often trimmed. I pick mine from my garden, after they are very large. 

I've noticed many benefits from drinking these fruit/veggie power drinks, some of which include: more energy, less brain fog, pain reduction and fewer allergy symptoms. I also sleep much better since adding them to my normal dietary routine. 

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