Republican Primary Candidate Election 2012: Florida Debate

This is an opinion piece. Are you seeing what I’m seeing?

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by M. J. Joachim

Admittedly, I haven’t been in a rush to get to know my Republican Primary Candidates, seeking to earn my funds and support for their campaigns during Election 2012. I’ve caught glimpses of their political campaigns here and there. Simply turn on the T.V. or Internet, and it’s completely unavoidable. The third week of January 2012 gave me pause, however. As I suspected might happen, no clear front runner emerged, after months of such things taking place, with candidates rallying like they were playing a game of table tennis, hoping to score the ace serve, that ultimately and brutally defeated the last standing rival in shame.

With little more than an NBC broadcast debate to go on, here is my “first” impression of the current candidates. There was no reason to jump on any bandwagons prior to this, because as we all know, political candidates are a dime a dozen, and money buys game, bad press for opposition, inflated polls and popularity in a struggling economy.

Mitt Romney

The guy reminds me of that nerdy, sniveling kid in high school who always needed to be acknowledged by the teacher. He drove the other kids crazy with his constant whining, and everyone knew his parents were in good with the principal. Nothing was ever his fault, but he was smart enough to fix it – a braggart who everyone loved to hate, but relied on to help them pass tests and write papers when necessary.

Fast forward to Romney’s political campaign and his presence on last night’s debate. Do we really need another president pointing fingers at his predecessors, and crying about all the work he has to do to fix things? Arrogance aside, this guy comes across as a bully with low tolerance for anyone who doesn’t agree with him. His answers are predetermined, well before the questions have even been asked, and his (anti) attack mode is a joke.

No doubt about it, the guy’s got game! Romney is a player and money is no obstacle. If Americans want the republican version of Obama, Romney clearly has what it takes to give it to us. Such a sad state of mind, when stuffed shirt primping, in-your-face camera time and scolding opposition in a public forum, are the tools being used to secure the Office of the President of the United States of America.

Newt Gingrich

Blast from the past...NOT! Gingrich will never be Reagan, regardless of how hard he worked for our beloved president so many decades ago. He is a die-hard politician, nothing more and nothing less. Working in public office is not a call to serve for Gingrich anymore; it’s what he knows and he’s too tired to change careers now. What’s left for him, if not a run for the presidency?

Watching Gingrich play cat and mouse with Romney last night was rather comical, actually. If that’s what makes him appear presidential, this country might need to recall the media for being so misinformed in their analysis. Gingrich came across like a bumbling idiot, backtracking every time one of the other debaters said something he liked. His ideas and comments were anything but unique, sounding more like political reruns from the ‘80s, broken records that could not be played in present day CD players.

Ron Paul

Ya got me! The few times Paul spoke, he made some valid points that showed he might be thinking on his feet. He’s been around a long time, a very long time, long enough to know that Americans are fed up with political games. I had to admire this republican primary candidate last night, despite the fact that he was all over the map.

I mean, how can we take a presidential candidate seriously, who on one hand runs for president, and on the other sounds like he wants to be chosen as Gingrich’s VP, if he doesn’t get the nomination? For a moment there, I even thought he might be making a pitch to be Santorum’s VP. Wishy-washy doesn’t begin to describe my uneasiness about a guy who pretends not to play the game, while digging tunnels underground. It’s dangerous, Ron Paul, and if Americans aren’t careful, we’re likely to be dealing with a deadly cave-in that has the potential to ruin our reputation, and is bound to become an unprecedented fiscal nightmare!

Rick Santorum

Finally, someone who takes the time to listen to the questions being asked, and responds intelligently to those very same questions! Not only that, he knows and understands the issues. Santorum debated in plain English, not political rhetoric. He took the time to thoughtfully respond, not to the other candidates in the room, not to the cameras and media, not to Obama or democrats, but to all the people watching the Republican Candidate Debate, in an effort to be more informed when they vote in the Republican Primary Election of 2012.

Santorum is a Republican candidate who’s been listening to Americans for a long time. He also knows his history, our strengths and weaknesses and holds firm to the Constitution of the United States of America. He’s prepared to do what it takes, but not at any cost, to please the American people. Woohoo! Santorum is a leader who won’t sell us down the river, doesn’t care about winning a popularity contest here or abroad, and has valid strategies for how to run the country effectively.

Rick Santorum speaks with purposeful intent when he addresses the issues. It’s not about a personal agenda with him, but a calling to uphold the Constitution, serve the American people and defend liberty and freedom, values that have long made the United States of America, the greatest nation on earth.