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Cultures of the World

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Effectively Human's goal for its Cultures of the World category is simple: Respect and dignify all people, accepting and appreciating the way they live their lives, in their respective countries and cultures. Visitors will find stories of human courage, perseverance and love here. They will discover the loyalty of citizenship, reward of unity and hope of outstretched hands. Effectively Human's Cultures of the World pages hope to help neighbors become friends and foreign countries minimize boundaries and borders, in the hope that all people will join forces together, for the greater good of humanity. 

Effectively Human's Cultures of the World will explore more than that, however, delving into the role of politics in people's lives. Our articles will discuss the tug-of-war that takes place between special interest groups, often impacting large segments of society. Many of these special interest groups have personal and private agendas, some capable of impacting the lives of numerous future generations, should laws be passed in favor of these agendas.