Why Do One?

Looking for a job? Then you're into doing a CV. Like it or not - and most people don't! - your search for employment starts with your CV.

Problem? Nobody likes putting one together. But you pretty much have to. So stop moaning and get on with it!

  • Its your personal sales & marketing tool. Stop thinking of it as a CV!

  • Initially it is the most powerful weapon that you have. If written correctly it can get across a sufficient number of aspects about you which can help persuade the reader to make a positive initial assessment of you. Remember, your CV won't get you the job. You get you the job - at interview.

  • It is the most influential point of contact with you - at least initially.
    Unless you have some additional way-in to a companies interview process, then it is most likely going to be left to your CV to get you in.

  • To the reader and evaluator your CV is you. In the vast majority of cases they have nothing else to go on.

  • And quite simply... You won't get on if you don't stand out!