What's Important To Me?

Before you even think about writing your CV and applying for jobs you need to stand back and spend some time considering "What is it that I want?" and "What's important to me?" This can save you from wasting time applying for positions that you're not going to be happy with.

Is it...   

  • Money? 

  • Security?

  • Travel? 

  • Prestige? (Job and /or Company)

  • Prospects?

  • Promotion Opportunities?

  • Training Opportunities

  • Opportunity to gain a qualification?

  • Stimulation?

  • Working on your Own? (Self-Directed)

  • Self-esteem?

  • Office-based?

  • Computer-based?

  • Telephone-based?

  • Working Outdoors?

  • Target Driven?

  • Selling?

  • Basic Salary plus prospect of earning commission?

  • Directing others?

  • Being directed by others?

  • Working from home? 
  • Absence of red-tape?

  • Start-up venture?

  • Established big-name company?

  • Small to Medium sized company?

  • Fixed hours?

  • Flexible hours?

  • Routine?

  • Variety?

  • Ease of getting to work and back?

  • Being your own boss?

Think hard about each one and evaluate TRULY whether they are important or not important to you. Only when you have distilled what is really important to you, your career, your development and your future can you begin to compile a CV that will truly aim directly for the target.