Assess Yourself

Psychological research suggests that a good understanding of themselves - both strengths and weaknesses - enables individuals to develop effective strategies for interaction. It can also help them better respond to the demands of their environment.

Any self-assessment is exactly that... an evaluation of yourself done by you yourself and for that reason it can prove to be...

     a. Hard          b. Time-consuming      and        c. Not entirely accurate.

If you can get someone to help you so much the better. Share important aspects with friends and colleagues if you can. Ask for feedback from them and evaluate it honestly and without prejudice then try to develop an action plan that addresses you personally and aids your interpersonal relationships. If you can't find someone to share these with, don't despair, it's just more helpful. Here are some ideas for you to evaluate as to their appropriateness to you. 

Intellectual Strengths

  • Good at solving problems
  • Able to pick up the plots of films, books, plays
  • Good at understanding technical drawings, maps, plans
  • Able to visualise two-dimensional objects
  • Good at rationalising new ideas or concepts
  • Always looking at more efficient/more effective ways of doing things
  • Enjoy the challenge of learning new things
  • Possess wide ranging general knowledge

Education & Training

  • Achievements at Second Level – e.g. "A" Levels, Leaving Certificate,, Prefect, Captain/Vice-Captain
  • Achievements at Third Level – Degree, Masters, PhD
  • Work Experience – Companies and Roles. What did you learn?
  • Courses Taken – certificates awarded, levels achieved
  • Language skills – basic, conversational, fluent?
  • Possess trade/occupational or professional qualifications

Work Strengths

  • Have held responsible positions
  • Self-reliant
  • Articulate
  • Self-starter
  • Inquisitive
  • Adaptable
  • Versatile
  • Can set realistic goals
  • Quick and decisive
  • Lead by fighting alongside your troops
  • Good long-range planning ability
  • Find problems stimulating
  • Have a particular skill
  • Committed
  • Ability to see the big picture
  • Ability to see or devise alternative approaches
  • Ability to deliver on-time and within parameters
  • Always seeking knowledge
  • Industrious
  • Innovative
  • Ability to manage a setback
  • Passionate
  • Decisive
  • Flexible
  • Take pride in your work
  • Good customer facing experience / skills
  • Able to prioritise
  • Can manage multiple tasks at the same time
  • Can reason and articulate your point-of-view
  • Good eye for detail
  • Ambitious
  • Competitive
  • Energy and Drive
  • Good team member
  • Accomplish difficult tasks
  • Speaking in public – able to give a presentation confidently


  • Good health track-record – few sick days
  • Good eating habits and diet
  • Maintain a good Work / Social life balance

Hobbies and Interests

  • Good at making things
  • Reading
  • Solving puzzles / crosswords / brainteasers
  • Painting/Drawing
  • Researching topics
  • Computers
  • Interactive games
  • Music – listening to or actively playing
  • Singing / Dancing / Acting
  • Writing – stories, poems, articles
  • Club activities or involvement – Golf, Tennis, Rugby, Soccer

 Social Skills

  • At ease with other people
  • Able to initiate a conversation
  • Good listener
  • Good sense of humour
  • Able to hold your ground in a discussion
  • Not afraid of the unfamiliar
  • Adaptability
  • Willingness to take a risk
  • People like to have you around
  • Relaxed – not “in-your-face”
  • Able to recognise that others are entitled to a point of view
  • Ability to sell yourself when appropriate
  • Others like your company


  • Good at any sport
  • Captain / Vice-Captain of team
  • Played at representative level
  • Play in team regularly

 Personal Strengths

  • Depth / Strength of Character
  • Ability to Cope With Adversity
  • Positive Attitude
  • Assertive
  • Ability to think quickly and readjust if necessary
  • Versatile and Adaptable
  • Articulate
  • Inquisitive, seeks knowledge

As with any form of self-assessment you must judge how appropriate a category is to you and more importantly how appropriate it is to advancing you to interview.