Spring 2018

Organizers: Stephanie Schmitt-Grohé and Martín Uribe

Student Coordinator: Seungki Hong

Time and Location: Wednesdays, 4:15pm - 5:15pm at IAB 1102.


 DatePresenter TitleDiscussant 
 Jan 17 Leo Wang / Chris Cotton
Wang, "Local Credit Provisions under Increasingly Non-Local Credit Intermediation - 
             The role of information frictions in bank lending"
Cotton, "Monetary policy at the ZLB"  
 Jan 24Misaki Matsumura / Yinxi Xie 
Matsumura, "Optimal monetary policy in the presence of commodity prices"
Xie,  "The asymmetric information effect of monetary policy in boom-and-bust cycles" 
Jan 31 Gernot Müller (University of Tübingen) "Uncertainty shocks in currency unions" -
Feb 7 Mai Li / Agnieszka Dorn Li, "Corporate Debt Substitution: Evidence from European Crisis" Dorn, "The Cyclicality of Wages, Job Duration and Match Quality."   -
 Feb 14Chun-Che Chi  "Complete Macro-prudential Policy and Asset Liquidity" Gustavo Pereira 
 Feb 21Felipe Netto / Juan Herreno 
Netto, Discussion on Korinek (2017), "Regulating Capital Flows to Emerging Markets:
            An Externality View"
Herreno, "The Macroeconomics of Self-Employment: Occupations of Last Resort"
 Feb 28Wonmun Shin House Price and Consumption Volatility in Emerging Countries Anurag Singh 
 Mar 7Seungki Hong  Mengxue Wang 
 Mar 14 Spring BreakSpring Break Spring Break
 Mar 21Gustavo Pereira  Seungki Hong 
 Mar 28Anurag Singh  Chun-Che Chi 
 Apr 4Yoon Joo Jo  Jungsik Hyun 
 Apr 11Amartya Lahiri (University of British Columbia)  
 Apr 18Jungsik Hyun  Wonmun Shin 
 Apr 25Mengxue Wang  Yoon Joo Jo