Fall 2018

Organizers: Andres Drenik

Student Coordinator: Seungki Hong

Time and Location: Fridays, 1:15pm - 2:15 pm at IAB 1102.


 DatePresenter TitleDiscussant 
Sep 7Misaki Matsumura "Ramsey Price Index for Small Open Economies”Wonmun Shin
Sep 14 Yoon Jo "Downward nominal wage rigidity in the United States"Seungki Hong
Sep 21Anurag Singh"Clustered Sovereign Defaults"Gustavo Pereira
Sep 28Shogo Sakabe"The Real Test of Uncovered Interest Parity"Joo-Hyung Shin
Oct 5 Jay Hyun"Regional Spillover through Multi-market Firms: The Quality Downgrading Channel" Mai Li
Oct 12Felipe Netto"Macroprudential Policy Spillovers"Chun-Che Chi
 Oct 19Seungki Hong"Does Inequality Matter for Excess Consumption Volatility in Emerging Economies?"Shogo Sakabe
 Oct 26Mai Li"Corporate Debt Substitution and its Implication"Misaki Matsumura
 Nov 2Mengxue Wang "Excess reserve accumulation and FDI"Anurag Singh
Nov 9Joo-Hyung Shin"Implications of the Generality and Specificity of Occupations"Mengxue Wang
Nov 16Chun-Che Chi "Complete Macro-prudential Policy and Asset Liquidity"Yoon Joo Jo
Nov 23University HolidayUniversity HolidayUniversity Holiday
Nov 30Wonmun Shin"The more volatile house price, the higher relative volatility of consumption"Jay Hyun
Dec 7Gustavo PereiraFelipe Netto