General Info

June  4-11, 2017

Campers may not arrive before 2:00 pm on Sunday, June 4
Campers may be picked up at 11:00 am on Saturday, June 11 

Twin Oaks Ranch - Marks Overlook, Buda, TX

Space will be limited to 100 campers. 

Because of space limitations, applications will be accepted in the order in which they were received.

COSTS: $320 per camper*        $40 Cancellation/Processing Fee is charged for campers cancelling after May 15, 2017

*If registration is received by April 30, $150 deposit may be paid w/application with $150 balance due before/at 2:00 pm Check-In

Please Note: Costs include snacks. Campers will need no additional money at camp. No vending machines.

Camp Rules

Thank you for considering attendance of your child to Texas EFCA Camp.  It is our goal to provide a safe, educational, fun, spiritual camp for our youth.  In order for the camp to run smoothly for everyone involved, the following rules will be enforced:

  • Texas EFCA Camp strictly enforces “NO PRANK” Policy.  Pranksters WILL be sent home.
  • Campers are expected to participate and be on time for all required activities unless excused by the camp medical staff.
  • Boys are not to go into or around the Girls’ dorms; Girls are not to go into or around the Boys’ dorms.
  • No one is to leave Twin Oaks Ranch without the permission of the Director.
  • The Onion Creek and lower camp ground area is off limits unless accompanied by a staff member.
  • School-type clothing in good taste must be worn. Clothing promoting inappropriate themes is not allowed.
  • Short shorts are not permitted. No bare midriffs. Bikinis may be worn, but must be covered by a t-shirt.
  • NO FOOD will be allowed in the dorms, chapel or upstairs rooms because of insect problems.
  • No pillows/blankets in the chapel (except during chill time).
  • Be respectful to staff. When staff members are talking, be still and quiet and listen to instructions. No back talk.
  • No banging on tables in the dining room
  • Cell phone use will be LIMITED

Pool Rules:   No running, No dunking, No chicken fights, No horseplay

Creek Rules:  Life jackets (provided) must be worn by canoers

Archery and other safety rules:  as instructed


Any camper who refuses to follow camp rules or directions from the camp staff will be subject to disciplinary action. No physical punishment will be administered by any staff member.  Disciplinary situations will be handled privately with the camper, a director, and at least one other staff member present.  In every case, the disciplinary staff will be composed of members of both sexes. 

1st Offense

– Verbal Warning. 

2nd Offense

– No 2nd warning will be given.  The Director will notify the guardian and the camper will be dismissed.